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How Many Missing Children are Found Each Year?

Having a child go missing is a terrifying experience. But most children who go missing are discovered and fairly quickly. Understanding how parents and governments go about finding a missing child can help any left-behind parent assess what to do next. How Many Missing Children Are Found Each Year? According to our research and experience, out of the half a million children that go missing every year in the United States, nearly all of them are found. That’s 97.8%. So, half a million children go missing, but nearly all of them are also found. When most people think about missing […]

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Guide to International Parental Kidnapping

Child abduction is one of the scariest possibilities you have to face as a parent, and it doesn’t always happen the way people might imagine it. While TV shows and movies have shown child abductions as a thing that happens between children and complete strangers, it’s often somebody close to the child who does the actual abducting. Even worse, there are a lot of times when one of the two parents is the one abducting the child. Not only is this a traumatizing experience for the child, but it’s also a difficult legal situation. An abducted kid is a delicate […]

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4 Steps You Should Take If Your Spouse Abducts Your Kids

Parental abduction is the hiding, taking, or holding of a child by either parent while going against the rights of the child’s other parent or guardian. This kind of abduction in most cases occurs when the parents are going through a divorce. A family member or parent is only entitled to sole parenting if a court order has been served in his or her favor. When one parent moves the child to a hiding location, to deny visitation of the other parent, and without a standing custody decision, it amounts to parental abduction. If a parent moves from one state […]

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