How Do I Report International Parental Kidnapping?

Parental Kidnapping

Parental abduction or kidnapping is a serious crime that can have lasting consequences for the child and their family. If your child has been abducted and removed from the country by the other parent, you can take steps to locate them and ensure their safety. What is International Parental Kidnapping? International parental kidnapping is the illegal removal of a child from the home country by one parent without the other left-behind parent’s consent or knowledge. In most cases, one parent commits this crime against the other to gain custody of their shared children. Additionally, international parental abduction can also occur […]

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Can a Parent Be Charged with Kidnapping in the Philippines?


Kidnapping in the Philippines is a serious crime. However, viewpoints of parental relationships are different from one culture to another. In some countries, such as the Philippines, a parent is allowed to take their children without consent from the other parent. So, can a parent be charged with kidnapping in the Philippines? Kidnapping of a Minor Defined Kidnapping is any act of taking or detaining another person against their will by force or deception, intending to hold them for ransom or reward. The act must also involve either transporting the victim to a different location or holding them hostage in […]

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How to Prevent a Parental Abduction

Parental Abduction

The abduction of a child is high on the list of things every parent fears most. When a child is missing and the clues are limited or absent, the fear, dread, and anguish can be all-consuming. Any parent would agree that preventing a child’s abduction is better than experiencing one, even if it is an abduction by the other parent.   Unfortunately, when parents separate, it is often on disagreeable terms. When this happens, the duty of sharing the responsibility of caring for a mutual child can become an extreme challenge. If one parent is dead set against maintaining an […]

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How Many Missing Children are Found Each Year?

Having a child go missing is a terrifying experience. But most children who go missing are discovered and fairly quickly. Understanding how parents and governments go about finding a missing child can help any left-behind parent assess what to do next. How Many Missing Children Are Found Each Year? According to our research and experience, out of the half a million children that go missing every year in the United States, nearly all of them are found. That’s 97.8%. So, half a million children go missing, but nearly all of them are also found. When most people think about missing […]

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Guide to International Parental Kidnapping

missing children at the airport

Child abduction is one of the scariest possibilities you have to face as a parent, and it doesn’t always happen the way people might imagine it. While TV shows and movies have shown child abductions as a thing that happens between children and complete strangers, it’s often somebody close to the child who does the actual abducting. Even worse, there are a lot of times when one of the two parents is the one abducting the child. Not only is this a traumatizing experience for the child, but it’s also a difficult legal situation. An abducted kid is a delicate […]

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