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We Help Parents Recover Missing and Abducted Children.
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The Committee for Missing Children: Abducted Child Information Resource

A parent’s worst nightmare is to lose their children and not know where they are. The vast majority of abducted children are taken by one parent from the other. When this happens, the left behind parent may be faced with expenses beyond their means. These expenses may include travel, Lawyer’s fees, as well as room and board and any other expenses that may occur during what may be a lengthy process. This is especially true in instances where the abductor has taken the children to another country. When this happens, the Committee for Missing Children can help, as our organization may be able to help direct you to a lawyer who is experienced in this specific type of litigation and understands the intricacies of child abduction. The Lawyer will need to be familiar with the abduction laws of their State as well as any international treaties that govern children who have been abducted across international borders.

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We operate as a non-profit organization with all support, funding, donations, and financial resources focused on our mission of successfully reuniting parents with their missing or abducted children. Children are the future in every part of our society. We welcome your participation, help and contribution.

Additional Efforts

The Committee makes available information on both missing and abducted children. We make available case histories to assist parents who will litigate in a particular State or internationally in a foreign country. We host one of the largest libraries of information dealing with missing and abducted children. All the information in our library is available free of charge to anyone needing assistance with recovering a missing or abducted child or is researching the subject of child abduction.

One in seven children will be found through the distribution of photos. The Committee has distributed thousands of images of missing and abducted children over the twenty-six years we have been involved in this cause. We do this through a combined effort of our photo partners who have distribute tens of thousands of images of missing and abducted children. We make pictures of missing or abducted children available on our web site as well as links to other organizations that distribute photos as well.

The Committee has made available a set of safety rules which can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. We also have free safety kits for distribution to any person or organization having a “safety day”.

  • First and foremost, we are a parent advocacy group. We assist parents by providing the help they deserve and ensuring that their rights are protected
  • Through the dedication of our photo partners, we produce and distribute images of missing children worldwide.
  • We gather and share information, serve as a clearinghouse for information and the laws about missing and abducted children, and are developing the largest web-based informational database on this subject.
  • Through the dedication of our photo partners, we produce and distribute images of missing children worldwide.