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Recover a Missing Child

Every year thousands of children go missing nationally, and Texas is no exception. Hundreds of children have been separated from their families and loved ones without a sign, hope or explanation where they went, leaving many Texan families in anguish for years. The Committee for Missing Children has made it our mission to find these children and reunite them with their families and loved ones. We do this through a combination of partnerships with law enforcement, other child protective organizations, volunteers, and a worldwide network of alliances dedicated to identifying and locating missing children so they can be returned to their families.

International Work is Frequent

Because Texas is a border state, it has always had a high risk of missing children taken across the border for a variety of reasons. They can range from parental disputes, custody battles, family separations, and criminal purposes. Once over the border, it can be extremely difficult for families to locate missing children while trying to navigate the rules of two different countries. The Committee on Missing Children is dedicated to providing the resources and advocacy to help parents and families get reunited with their children regardless of international distances or barriers. Because of this reason, we work with extended connections that cross borders and operate on both sides to find children and locate them for law enforcement to rescue them and return families together.

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Modern Technology has Increased our Capabilities

Many people are not aware how often children go missing in Texas, often assuming the state is mostly country and small towns and that sort of thing happens out West. However, cities like Houston and Dallas have long been gateways for children to disappear, and the Committee on Missing Children has been working tirelessly with other child protection advocates to close those gaps with legal changes. Now, combined with our extensive databases and information as well advancing technology increasing search capability online with the Internet, modern discovery and tracking of missing children has become far more effective than it was in years past. As a result, our resources in Texas have been growing both in size as well as effectiveness on cold cases. Help us help communities by joining our efforts in Texas.

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