Recover a Missing Child in Nevada

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Recover a Missing Child in Nevada

There are a lot of thoughts that may go through a parent’s head when their child goes missing, but the top priority is locating your child and getting them back home safely. The Committee for Missing Children works to help left-behind parents of missing children find their children and reunite with them. Whether your child has run away, or they’ve been abducted by the other parent, we can help you take advantage of the resources that are available to help locate missing children.

Being the parent of a missing child in Nevada is stressful, and we know how confusing it can be. If your child goes missing, The Committee for Missing Children is here to help you every step of the way, from getting in touch with law enforcement agencies to utilizing databases to help find your child. A phone call to The Committee for Missing Children is a smart first move if your child goes missing in Nevada.

Casting a Wide Net

When a child goes missing, one of the most important things you can do is cast a wide net to try to locate them. This means going beyond your city, county, and even your state to make sure people are aware of your missing child and keeping an eye out for them. The sooner you spread the word and make sure everyone is on the lookout, the easier it will be to locate your child.

The Committee for Missing Children has relationships with law enforcement agencies across the country, so we can help you cast a wide net to get your child back home. We can make sure your child is entered into missing children databases and alert law enforcement agencies in neighboring states. The Committee for Missing Children will do everything in their power to help reunite parents with missing children in Nevada.

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Tireless Advocacy for Child Protection

Parents of missing children can find themselves in a difficult legal situation, so it’s important to make sure missing children and their parents are protected by the law. The Committee for Missing Children advocates for laws that help protect children and make it easier for parents of missing children in Nevada to locate and reunite with their child.

At The Committee for Missing Children, we know how difficult it can be to locate a missing child, especially when the other parent takes them to another county or state. By working with local law enforcement agencies and advocating for laws that help protect children in the state of Nevada, The Committee for Missing Children makes life a little easier for children of missing parents. With years of experience and the resources to advocate for child protection, we’re working to protect children every day.

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Additional Resources for Missing Children in Nevada:

Missing Children

Aaron Ford, Attorney General

Carson City Office:

Reno Office:

Las Vegas Office:

  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Grant Sawyer Bldg.
    555 E. Washington Ave Suite 3900
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
  • Phone: (702) 486-3420
  • Fax: (702) 486-3768

Alissa Engler, Sr. Deputy Attorney General – Nevada Children’s Advocate

Las Vegas Office:

Custodial & Parental Abduction Legal Codes:

Nevada Revised Statutes Title 15. Crimes and Punishments § 200.320. Kidnapping in first degree: Penalties

Nevada Revised Statutes Title 11. Domestic Relations § 125B.030. Recovery by parent with physical custody from other parent