Recover Missing Children in Missouri

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We are a non-profit organization that works as an advocate for left-behind parents of missing children by ensuring that their rights are protected and that they get the help they need. We run on charitable donations to rescue kids who have been abducted, with a focus on parental abductions at the international level, for free to parents like you that need help fighting for your child.The Committee for Missing Children has more than 30 years of experience specializing in helping left-behind parents recover their missing children. In addition to providing guidance and expertise, we are capable of providing families with assistance securing travel, lodging, and other expensive aspects of the travel needed to be reunited with their children. This can include hotel rooms, plane tickets, and even taxis or other local transport to engage in the legal proceedings. In some situations, we are also capable of providing recommendations for lawyers within the country to which the child has been abducted to, as an American lawyer will typically not be able to help in these situations.

How We Can Help

To reduce the financial and emotional burden that you may experience during this process, our organization will work to help cover some of expenses that will be encountered while you are fighting for the return of your child. We are able to finance the flights to the location where the child is being detained; and we can also take care of hotel expenses as you may need to stay during the ongoing litigation, and can help with many other expenses that may arise in the course of the process to facilitate the safe return of the child.

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Additional Resources for Missing Children in Missouri

Missing Children: Each state is assigned ‘State Clearinghouse’ to help with missing and exploited children. The Missouri State Clearinghouse can be found here.

Custody & Parental Kidnapping

Please visit this site to access the State of Missouri legal codes: Legal Codes of Missouri. This easy to navigate list will cover topics including:

  • Statute regarding custody of children: Domestic Relations 452.150: The father and mother living apart are entitled to an adjudication by the circuit court as to their powers, rights and duties in respect to the custody and control and the services and earnings and management of the property of their unmarried minor children without any preference as between the said father and mother, and neither the father nor the mother has any right paramount to that of the other in respect to the custody and control or the services and earnings or of the management of the property of their said unmarried minor children;  pending such adjudication the father or mother who actually has the custody and control of said unmarried minor children shall have the sole right to the custody and control and to the services and earnings and to the management of the property of said unmarried minor children.
  • Statutes on the relocation of Children: Domestic Relations 452.377: The court shall consider a failure to provide notice of a proposed relocation of a child as:
    • (1) A factor in determining whether custody and visitation should be modified;
    • (2) A basis for ordering the return of the child if the relocation occurs without notice;  and
    • (3) Sufficient cause to order the party seeking to relocate the child to pay reasonable expenses and attorneys fees incurred by the party objecting to the relocation.