Missing Children Mississippi

Guide To International Parental Kidnapping

It’s an ugly fact that children go missing daily across the country, and, like many other states, Mississippi has its share of cases as well. The majority of these are the result of parental disputes and runaways, and it can be devastating and traumatic experience to be the left-behind parent. Here at the Committee for Missing Children, we work tirelessly to help reverse this problem, by providing guidance and support to the parents that are left behind, so that they can fight for the return of their child.

Recovery in General

Child abduction tends to be a flurry of chaos. The family expects and needs immediate results, and law enforcement focuses on the crime involved and gathering evidence. In the middle are the left-behind parent just trying to get their child back, and in some cases stuck without any knowledge of where their child is.

Here at the Committee for Missing Children, we understand how hectic and exhausting this situation can be. We can provide an immense amount of support to you as you navigate this difficult process, as we have helped countless parents before you, and have immense knowledge of the issues that you can face throughout the proceedings.

A Tireless Advocate for Missing Children

The Committee for Missing Children also works at the legislative level both within Mississippi state, other states and internationally to keep attention on missing children and efforts to find them. Through education, support, digital information training, sharing of database information and legal support, the Committee has worked around the clock effort in highlighting the need to stay on missing children cases. The advocacy works two-fold, both in supporting the requests for help in immediate cases as well as reminding leadership and agencies of the priority to keep attention on missing children in general and the programs that combat the problem.

Additional Mississippi Resources

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety runs the Missing Children Clearinghouse for the state, providing law enforcement and agency partners critical information sharing channels to keep up with cases and help produce opportunities for recovery. Mississippi families and citizens are served every day by this agency and its personnel, tracking, and helping local law enforcement in untangling cases that might have moved beyond their jurisdictions. Contact us at (800)525-8204 to recover a missing child in Mississippi.

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