Recover Missing Children in Massachusetts

Recover Missing Children in Massachusetts

Recover Missing Children in Massachusetts

The vast majority of child abductions are committed by a parent after the parents have separated. The statistics show that parental abductions make up more than 50-60% of all abductions. It is for that reason that The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. is dedicated to helping recover the child victims of parental abductions.

Custodial parents face overwhelming legal and logistical barriers to justice in these cases. The courts are reluctant to press charges against the natural parent of a child, even when it is clear that a parental abductor is wrongfully trying to separate the child from her or his other rightful parent.

These issues often make up the majority of the lawful, left-behind parent’s barriers to restoring their child’s rights, their own rights, and finally being reunited after a non-custodial parent has absconded with their child. Even when the law does recognize that intervention is warranted, the custodial parent still often has to travel to where the child has been taken. Oftentimes, they have already spent all they have on attorney’s fees and cannot scrape up the money for an airline ticket.

The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. can help by assisting with other costs as the rightful parent petitions the court to take action. They can help, or fully cover, lodging expenses when the left-behind parent has to travel to the state or country where their child has been taken.

In so many cases, this has made all the difference.

Casting a Wide Net

In the majority of these cases, the parent who takes the child is clearly in the wrong. When this happens, the legal system proves to be poorly equipped to deal with these cases, and parents need to apply their own pressure for the wheels of justice to turn. Sadly, few parents have the financial resources to make that happen.

Despite terrible odds, many parents have been able to recover a missing child in Massachusetts, and elsewhere, with the help of The Committee for Missing Children, Inc..

There are many examples of grateful left-behind parents who have been successfully reunited with their children, had their rights, and their child’s rights restored, and protected. Listen to a small sample of the testimony of parents whose lives were nearly destroyed describe how The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. made a reunion with their child possible, here.

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Tireless Advocacy for Child Protection

The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. is, above all, a parent advocacy group. They help the left-behind parent by giving them the voice they need to have their rights, and their children’s rights restored and protected.

One of the most important services they provide is their assisting of the parent by providing advice, guidance, and, in some cases, their ability to connect the left-behind parent with financial resources to help reunite them with their children.

When a rightful parent experiences a parental abduction, the emotional turmoil they experience is difficult to describe. On the one hand, they know they are in the right morally and legally. On the other hand, they quickly learn that the legal system does not have any ready answers for them.

That is where advocates like The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. can make all the difference. Through their tireless efforts, they leverage their reputation and their impartiality to give parents the hope and the representation they deserve.

Success Stories

Recover Missing Children in Massachusetts

Additional Resources for Missing Children in Massachusetts:

The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. is far from a lone missing child advocacy group. They are one of dozens of similar programs, all voluntary and non-profit, working for the rights of missing children and their parents.

Each state has a missing children’s clearinghouse. Statistics on missing children are sent by the states to the FBI. Another government-based agency for finding missing and abducted children is the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. If your child has gone missing in the state of Massachusetts, the NamUs site should be on the top of your contact list.

After you reach them, we encourage all left-behind parents to contact The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. for guidance, support, and resources. Contact us to learn more today.