When your child goes missing, it can be hard to collect your thoughts and take the right first steps. Here’s how The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. can help locate missing children in Kentucky.
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Recover a Missing Child in Kentucky

At The Committee for Missing Children, Inc., we provide several services to help recover missing children and get them home safely. When a child is abducted by another parent, we will work hard with the left behind parent to reunite them with their child.

In addition to helping families of missing children find lawyers and other resources they need; we also maintain a massive library of information about missing and abducted children. This wealth of information is available to everybody free of charge. Plus, we make case histories available to parents who need assistance recovering a missing child.

Casting a Wide Net

Recovering a missing child can be a complicated process, but we work hard to assist families with every single missing or parentally kidnapped child in Kentucky. Most of the time, a missing child is abducted by somebody they know. Oftentimes, one parent will abduct a child in an attempt to keep them away from the other parent. This is why we typically start by looking at the usual suspects to try to locate a missing child.

Our network of resources is also an important part of helping families recover missing children. We have case histories and other pertinent information that we can use or share with the families of missing children in Kentucky. We can even help recover missing children outside the United States, plus we can connect families with lawyers and other crucial resources that can deliver the help they need.

Tireless Advocacy for Child Protection in Kentucky

Above all else, The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. is an advocacy group for parents of missing children. We know how scary it can be when a child goes missing, so we make it our mission to help reunite every missing child with their parents. Not only do we provide the help you need to recover missing children, but we also work to protect your rights, so you have less to worry about.

We also have information about parental kidnapping laws and missing children cases that we make available to parents and others who need these resources.
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Additional Resources for Missing Children in Kentucky

When a child goes missing or a parental kidnapping case occurs, it’s important to know what to do right away. In addition to all the resources we provide, the Kentucky State Police also offer resources to help you recover your missing child as soon as possible. The most important thing is that you call 911 if your child has been abducted and make sure you provide a photograph that can help others locate your child.

You can find tons of information about the legal side of parental kidnapping cases in Kentucky too. Parental kidnapping situations can be tricky because both people involved are technically the parents of that child, but we connect you with the resources you need to get the help you need and reconnect with your child.

Get Help Today

When your child goes missing, all you’re thinking about is how you can get them back home to you. At The Committee for Missing Children, Inc., we offer the help and resources you need to protect your rights and make sure your child gets home safely. If your child has recently gone missing, call us today and we’ll help.