Recover a Missing Child in Idaho

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Recover a Missing Child in Idaho

As scary as it is when your child runs away or is kidnaped by the other parent, it’s more common than you might think. Every year, The Committee for Missing Children helps parents across the country reunite with their missing children. Thanks to all this experience, we make it easier for you to get your missing child back home safely, whether they were abducted or they ran away. That’s why calling The Committee for Missing Children is such a smart idea when your child goes missing.

At The Committee for Missing Children, we go above and beyond to make sure every child has the protection they deserve. Not only do we help left-behind parents reunite with missing children, but we also advocate for laws that are designed to protect children. Thanks to all of our experience and connections, The Committee for Missing Children takes some of the stress and uncertainty out of recovering a missing child.

Casting a Wide Net

When it comes to finding a missing child, the most important thing you can do is act fast and exhaust all your resources. There are groups and organizations that were created to help stop child abduction and get missing children back home safely. At The Committee for Missing Children, we know how to help you navigate the difficult challenges of reuniting with your missing child in Idaho. By getting in touch with law enforcement in Idaho and neighboring states, we can take some of the burden off of your shoulders.

The Committee for Missing Children can help you understand and meet your needs when it comes to the legal side of things. Perhaps you don’t have a standard custody order, or maybe your child has been taken to another country. No matter what the case may be, The Committee for Missing Children can help you get the legal help you need to bring your child back home safely.

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Tireless Advocacy for Child Protection

As important as it is to help left-behind parents reunite with missing children, that’s far from the only thing we do at The Committee for Missing Children. Each year, The Committee for Missing Children works hard to advocate for child protection in Idaho and the rest of the United States. We lobby for laws and support organizations that are designed to protect children, so you don’t have to worry as much if your child is kidnaped or runs away. Check out our “About Us” section to learn more about how we advocate for the protection of children across the world.

Success Stories

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Additional Resources for Missing Children in Idaho:

If you’re the left-behind parent of a missing child in Idaho, here are some legal resources that may be of use. When in doubt, you can always call The Committee for Missing Children or a lawyer to help you understand your legal situation.

Idaho Statutes Title 18. Crimes and Punishments § 18-4501. Kidnaping defined:
This statute defines kidnaping in the state of Idaho, including examples of different types of acts that are considered kidnaping in the state. This is an important first resource to consider if you’re not sure whether your child was “kidnaped” in a legal sense.

Idaho Statutes Title 32. Domestic Relations § 32-717B. Joint custody:
In this section, all the details about custody in Idaho are laid out. This includes what custody means in Idaho, as well as the different types of custody. As a divorced parent or a parent who’s not in a relationship with the other parent of your child, it’s important to understand your custody agreement to make sure you’re not violating it at any time.