Recover Missing Children in Georgia

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Recover a Missing Child

The Committee on Missing Children in Georgia has had a long track record of working cases of identifying, locating, and reuniting missing children with their families in all types of scenarios and situations that trigger the absence in the first place. Whether a child goes missing from running away from home or disappears due to criminal activity, the Committee works tirelessly in Georgia to help families find their loved ones, even when it might seem like an impossible task without answers or information.

Casting a Wide Net

The efforts in finding missing children today hinges on a wide network of resources working together to make technology and geography work in their favor of finding a missing child. This involves a combination of working agencies dedicated to child protection, a network of partnerships and alliances operating in a common goal, and utilization of modern technology via the Internet and information distribution in digital format to find children who’ve gone missing.

Tireless Advocacy in Favor of Child Protection

The Committee on Missing Children actively supports and advocates for law changes that are designed and written to help protect children as well as make it easier to find them and return children to families. In the past, too often children were allowed to go missing because confusing laws conflicted with each other and became obstacles for legal recovery. The Committee works tirelessly to help legislative bodies understanding what clarity provides in helping find missing children faster.

Because of Georgia’s unique location, children can easily go missing and be transported along the eastern seaboard very quickly, easily being relocated in another state in less than a day. The most effective way to offset this negative reality has been the extensive use of technology by the Committee and partners in identifying missing children when they appear online, locating them by the locations and production areas of the images and narrowing down their new presence via Internet images. Numerous resources exist and become extremely useful when searched through by volunteers working together by the hundreds and all with the same goal of return Georgia’s missing children to their families.

To help, contact us by email or phone to find out how you can participate and contribute to the Committee on Missing Children in your state.

Missing Child Ga (1)

Additional Resources for Missing Children in Georgia:

Missing Children


  • (404) 244-2554
  • (800) 282-6564 (nationwide)
  • FAX: (404) 270-8851

Custody & Parental Abduction

Please use this link to access the State of Georgia legal codes: Georgia Legal Codes. The list of topics you will see once you get in include: 

  • Domestic Relations Title 19 – “As used in this Code section, the term ‘domestic relations action’ shall include any action for divorce, alimony, equitable division of assets and liabilities, child custody, child support, legitimization, annulment, determination of paternity, termination of parental rights in connection with an adoption proceeding filed in a superior court, any contempt proceeding relating to enforcement of a decree or order, a petition in respect to modification of a decree or order, an action on a foreign judgment based on alimony or child support, and adoption. The term ‘domestic relations action’ shall also include any direct or collateral attack on a judgment or order entered in any such action”. 
  • Criminal Codes Title 16 
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. 19-9-3-Parts 1-4 You start at 19-9-40 and continue through subsequent sections. Also, discusses international abduction. Discuses custody in detail. 
  • Custody of a child born out of wedlock 19-7-2-25 – only the mother of a child born out of wedlock is entitled to his custody, unless the father legitimates himself as provided in Code Section 19-7-2-22. Otherwise, the mother may exercise all parental power over the child. 
  • Interference with Custody 16-5-3-45 this is the closest you will get to parental abduction in the State of Georgia. They do not address parental abduction directly. They do not address interference with the other parent’s exercise of access or visitation. However, if no court order exists, a parent can be charged with custodial interference. “Lawful custody’ means that custody inherent in the natural parents”. “A person commits the offense of interference with custody when without lawful authority to do so the person knowingly or recklessly takes or entices any child away from the individual who has lawful custody of such child”. Both parents have “lawful custody” (beware; this has been interrupted differently by law enforcement)