Recover Missing Children in Colorado

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Recover a Missing Child

Missing children in Colorado unfortunately continue to be an ongoing problem that needs more resources, attention, and response. Every day children go missing, causing years of anguish for affected families, and loved ones and parents. Sometimes the reasons are strife between parents, but unfortunately other times the children have run away or have been taken by criminal action. The Committee on Missing Children has made it our mission to find these children wherever they are and help reunite them with their families and loved ones again.

Extended Coordination and Geographic Efforts

We work tirelessly in our mission by combining the coordinated efforts of Committee offices in multiple states, partnerships with other child protection organizations, and law enforcement to find and locate missing children, even some involving cold cases that have been ongoing for years without any tips or new information. We utilize a huge, connected database that tracks cases, photos, images, information, and data mining to find children even after having been missing for extended periods without a clue of their whereabouts.

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Legal Advocacy in Colorado

The Committee also works and advocates for increase laws and protections of children to help stop and block the gaps wherein children go missing due to criminal actions. By combining our efforts with existing resources, we have been successful in assisting the resolution of cases that some thought originally was not possible at all.

We Need Your Help and Support

However, despite all our efforts and tireless work, the Committee on Missing Children can’t help protecting and save missing children all on our own. We need your help as well. If you want to get involved in Colorado, reach, and contact us to how to assist. The more hands we have on deck to help, the greater the ability for us to find more missing children every day. Remember, every day a child goes missing, the harder it can be to find that minor and the difficulty increases exponentially with time. With your help, we can make a different together in not just one but many children’s lives. Colorado children deserve the best, and if they go missing, they deserve our best efforts to find them.

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Additional Resources for Missing Children in Colorado:


  • Colorado Bureau of Investigation
  • Missing Person/Children Unit
  • 710 Kipling Street, Suite 200
  • Denver, CO 80215 
  • (303) 239-4251
  • FAX: (303) 239-5788 

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