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Arkansaw Child Alone
For a parent, there is nothing scarier than having a child go missing. Parents want to do everything they can to protect their children from harm. Therefore, it can be a stressful experience when a child goes missing in Arkansas. Even though the first thing parents want to do is hit the streets to start looking, it is important to reach out to professionals who can lend a helping hand to families in Arkansas. That is where The Committee for Missing Children can be helpful.

Recover a Missing Child

It is the job of The Committee for Missing Children to help parents find missing children. For example, The Committee for Missing Children can provide families with financial resources that can help them recover their child. This includes money for food, travel, and lodging. In addition, The Committee for Missing Children also has connections with law enforcement agencies all over the world, helping parents reach out to the professionals they need to locate their children.

Casting a Wide Net

Ultimately, when parents are looking for missing children, it is important to work with professionals who have helped families find children all over the world. For example, The Committee for Missing Children routinely helps parents recover missing children who even cross international borders. By casting a wide net, it is possible to make it easier for parents to find their children.

Tireless Advocacy for Child Protection

When it comes to finding missing children, it is important to persevere. There is no resource that should be spared when families are looking for missing children. That is why The Committee for Missing Children provides tireless advocacy for child protection. By making it easier for parents to recover missing children, it is possible for families to come back together.

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Additional Resources for Missing Children Arkansas

There are several helpful resources that parents should use if they are trying to recover missing children in Arkansas.

Missing Children Clearinghouses

Custodial and Parental Abduction

Please access a searchable list of the state of Arkansas legal codes here: Arkansas Legal Codes. The list of topics that you will have access to will include:

  • Arkansas Code Title 9. Family Law § 9-13-101. Award of Custody – outlines that when determining custody of a child “In an action for divorce, the award of custody of a child of the marriage shall be made without regard to the sex of a parent but solely in accordance with the welfare and best interest of the child.”
  • Arkansas Code Title 9. Family Law § 9-113-402. Definitions – this section defines how these types of international kidnapping situations are defined, stating, ““International child abduction” means the act of taking away, enticing away, withholding, keeping, or concealing a child from his or her parent or custodian by removing the child from the United States”